Undergraduate Programs in Psychology

Undergraduate programs in psychology most commonly lead to a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. Students may specialize or focus their studies on such areas as Child Development, Criminal Justice and Applied Psychology (applied in everyday life, applied in the helping professions, applied in the teaching profession, etc.).  Studies can also be focused on such areas as social cognition, comparative psychology, loss and trauma, environmental stress and behavior analysis.

It is also possible to pursue a BS in Health Psychology and Behavior. The latter option attends to changes that can be expected to occur within the health care industry and an understanding of the organizations, financing, relationship dynamics and policies that affect and are affected by the health care system in the nation.

Undergraduate studies generally provide a basic understanding of human emotion, behaviors and learning. An introduction is also provided to research methodologies, writing, problem solving, analysis of data and formulation of theories. Analytical ability and critical thinking are essential skills in any work based upon a degree in psychology. An understanding of personality is at the center of the study of psychology – formation, development, community interaction, ability to collaborate, and group dynamics.

With an understanding of human personality and human behavior one is able to apply this knowledge to various organizations and environments, including business, science, education, medicine, and more. Graduates can be expected to have learned the basic theories of research and of human behavior in a variety of contexts. This knowledge is expected to be used to enhance work environments, improve human welfare and facilitate communication and human interaction across national, ethnic and racial boundaries.

An undergraduate degree in psychology can be used to work in the area of specialization. More often, however, it is the first step toward a higher degree with a more focused area of specialization and deeper knowledge of theories and practices in psychology.

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