Undergraduate Programs in Information Technology

Information technology studies and manages the information systems that are essential to the operations of organizations of all kinds. Information technologists bring together technical knowledge and management skills to help organizations solve problems and make information accessible when and where it is needed. They are skilled in collaboration, team building, analytical ability and problem solving. They are trained to respond to present needs and anticipate the needs that will arise in the future.

The Associate Degree (A.S. or A.A.) prepare students for entry-level jobs as database administrators, computer operators, etc. People who earn the associate’s degree work in many kinds of organizations assisting with ongoing operations, and solving some systems problems. The Associate degree can be obtained in a Junior College, Community College or local Technical School. The program ordinarily lasts two years.

At the bachelor’s level, one can earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in information technology or a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Information and Communications Technology Management. Areas of specialization include, Database Administration, Data Center Operations, Networking and Operations, Security and Forensics, Computer Network Management. The bachelor’s degree adds to the technical skills obtained in an associate’s program of study the analytical, critical thinking, management skills and organizational skills needed to manage information technology in an organization.

Salaries for trained Information Technology specialists are somewhat higher than for many other positions. The career outlook for IT professionals is very bright as more and more organizational functions and operations rely upon computers and other technology. A network administrator can expect to earn a base salary of $38,000 to $59,500; a database administrator will earn $64,520 to $107,300; a database administrator Manager will earn $82,800 to $131,000.

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