Undergraduate Programs in Communication

The field of study of human communication touches many aspects of human life. Communication can be defined as human interaction. Yet we communicate in many ways, in many contexts, and with different audiences. Communication thus includes inter-personal communication, organizational communication, business communication, media communication, strategic communication, media studies, journalism, marketing and public relations. Communication refers to the way we share ideas and persuade others to share our views. Communication is a tweet on twitter, a text message to a BFF or a political speech intended to convince you to vote for a particular candidate. Communication is news reporting, fund-raising or a street singer.

The study of communication at the undergraduate level generally leads to a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in an area of some specialization. These areas of specialization or focus might include:

  • Organizational or business communication
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • Strategic Communication
  • Media Studies

Your bachelor’s degree program in communication will bring together the history, theory, practice, ethical issues and research methods of human communication. You will learn how psychology can helpfully inform or shape the way messages are crafted, how to analyze the effectiveness of a speech or a news article. You will learn to shape public perception with information through advertising, media relations campaigns and publications. You will learn how to tell a story effectively and place it before the public in the most efficient and effective manner. You will learn how communication can be improved when it spans cultural or national borders, and how culture shapes perception.

Skilled communicators are prized in all industries and public sectors. Whether you choose the route of corporate communication in a global market or reporting the news from a biomedical or ecological lab, a degree in communication will prepare you for any job that requires critical thinking and clear expression of ideas.

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