Undergraduate Degrees in Business Administration

A bachelor’s or associate’s degree in business administration will prepare you for an exciting career in a fast-paced and rapidly-changing global marketplace. You will gain skills and knowledge that will be valued in a range of businesses, industries and types of organizations, including the non-profit sector and the health care industry.

Business program generally include courses in communications, marketing, economics, human resources, project management, organizational behavior, business ethics, management, business operations and business information systems. Graduates are able to communicate effectively, direct/manage others, make decisions and take responsibility, work individually or as part of a team and understand business ethics.

Undergraduate degrees in business administration include: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), and Bachelor of Professional Studies in Business Administration (BPS). In addition, some schools offer other degrees, such as the BA, that offer specialization in business administration or organizational issues. These might include Psychology, Information Technology, Management, etc. Within these degree programs, it is possible to specialize in such areas as:

  • Accounting   
  • Operations Management
  • Business Information Systems 
  • Project Management
  • Finance    
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Health Services Management 
  • Security Management
  • Hospitality Management 
  • Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resources Management 
  • Technical Communication
  • International Business  
  • Retail Management

The demand for employees with degrees in Business Administration is currently strong. There is particular demand for people with a degree in international business, health services management and human resources. This high demand is projected by the U. S. Department of Labor to continue into the future, as will the continuing demand for employees who hold degrees in Business Administration. Average salaries for those in business with a bachelor’s degree in business administration typically run between $50,000 and $88,500. Top executives generally earn $100,000 or more.

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