Social Benefits Introduction has found that attending college boosts earning power. It’s a fact. However, if that isn’t enough to sway you to attend college, consider a few more perks. According to ERIC Clearinghouse on Higher Education, there are a variety of other benefits, including better access to health care resources, community opportunities and higher levels of satisfaction and happiness. And, these benefits don’t just affect the individual. They trickle down to the community as well, boosting disposable income levels and enhancing the community.

Studies show individuals who complete higher education are healthier and happier then their high school educated counter-parts. Generally, these individuals tend to be healthier and more prone to getting regular exercise. People completing a degree also tend to smoke less, according to Education Guides. Since smoking is the second leading cause of death in the United States, this statistic is significant.

Studies also show companies who employ college grads tend to provide good access to health resources. For example, many corporations provide free or reduced rates on gym memberships to promote better employee health. These companies are also more likely to provide health care.

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