Lower Rates of Unemployment

Job loss is yet another reason to consider attending college. According to the Education Guide, individuals with a college degree have lower rates of unemployment. Although nobody is bullet proof in a down economy, statistics prove that earning a degree provides some protection.

Even in states with high rates of unemployment, there are still plenty of jobs that are vacant. Why does this happen? Jobs in rapidly growing industries, such as healthcare, business and education, require a higher level of education (like a bachelor’s or master’s degree). These jobs remain unfilled because there aren’t enough qualified applicants to fill the positions.

Even individuals who attend college but don’t graduate have more opportunities than individuals without any higher education. According to the ERIC Clearinghouse on Higher Education approximately 600,000 students attend college without graduating. Some of these individuals get distracted with other pursuits or obligations. Regardless, these students are still earning more then high school graduates. Although they’re not earning as much as those who actually achieved a degree, there’s still financial benefits for their investment.

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