Graduate Programs in Political Science

Political science is the study of the ways in which people govern themselves or others. It is the study of governmental and political systems that succeed and of those that fail. In studying the history of government, students have the opportunity to explore how people control other people and how they exert influence upon others. They also study how power has been instrumental in shaping or changing the interactions between nations, races and cultures. In many programs, students also study cognate fields, such as psychology, sociology and anthropology to understand the forces and factors that lead individuals and groups to vote in particular ways.

At the Master’s Degree level, students probe political issues, including negotiation, diplomacy, influence, political structures, domestic and foreign policy. Students focus more intensely upon a specific area of specialization, including:

  • Campaign law
  • Public policy
  • Labor management and relations
  • Administrative theory
  • Issues in state and local government
  • Foreign policy
  • History of politics
  • Nonprofit law
  • Foreign service

The Ph.D. in Political Science places greater emphasis on research and analysis of various areas of specialization. The doctoral program is generally viewed as preparation for a career in research or teaching at the higher education level. Specialties might include such areas as:

  • History of American politics
  • American Foreign policy
  • Comparative political systems
  • Analysis of political policy
  • History of elections in America
  • Justice in Political Systems
  • International Politics
  • The role of trans-national agencies

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