Graduate Programs in Communications

At the Master’s degree level, study of communications focuses on the social, cultural and inter-personal contexts in which communication occurs. Issues such as conflict resolution, negotiation, cross-cultural communication and building communication campaigns are considered in both a theoretical and a practical context. Students explore all communication media – written, oral, visual, mediated, digital, and technological communication. They also explore the role of communication in marketing and advertising, politics and government, international relations, education and law.

Students who complete a master’s degree in communication are presumed to have solid experience in both theoretical matters and in practical application of the latest theories and techniques. They will understand how communication impacts and is influenced by groups, communities, cultures and geo-political entities. They will be considered prepared for a career in a field such as:

  • Public affairs
  • Diplomacy
  • Community service
  • Health communication
  • Human resources and organizational communications
  • Legal communications
  • Mass communication and media
  • Mediation and conflict resolution
  • Political communication and government
  • Public relations and advertising
  • Technical communication
  • Corporate communication
  • Non-profit communication
  • Digital communication

At the doctoral level, the focus of study shifts from the crafting and dissemination of messages to the analysis and criticism of messaging, current issues in communication within various contexts, the social and cultural forces shaping communication, interaction design for new media, teaching applications of media, and communication regulation. More profound study in such areas as psychology, anthropology, sociology, social issues, economics, politics, statistics, business, and cultural studies will round the student’s preparation for a career in research, teaching or criticism. The following communication doctorates are available:

  • Ph.D. in Media and Communications
  • Ph.D. in Communication
  • Ph.D. in Business Communications
  • Ph.D. in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • DCD in Communications Design (Doctor of Communications Design)

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