MBA in Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is universally recognized as a standard of achievement in the field of business management and administration. As originally conceived, the degree acknowledged achievement of knowledge and practical application in the central functions critical to the success of a business enterprise. These core functional areas include: administration, management, accounting, marketing, finance, and human resources.

Specialized MBA programs are offered by a number of schools throughout the world. Specialized programs are available in the following areas:

  • Banking/finance
  • Accounting
  • Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Human Resources
  • Health Care Administration

There are five primary types of MBA programs. These programs are defined in terms of the arena in which courses are taught and knowledge is acquired and the amount of time required for completion of a program.

1. The traditional full time MBA program is accomplished over the course of two academic years.

2. The part-time MBA is offered for students who need to attend classes on weekday evenings or weekends because they are employed on a full-time basis. These working professionals usually complete the program in three to four (or more) years, depending on the amount of time the student has available to commit to the program.

3. Accelerated MBA programs are essentially the same as the traditional full time MBA program except that students carry a heavier course load and attend school during the summer break.

4. Distance and Online Programs are designed to allow the students to complete the requirements for the degree in about two years while also working full time. Because students “attend classes” and complete course requirements on their individual schedules, they are often able to complete work faster than if they were required to manage a pre-determined schedule and attend classes in some physical location.

5. Executive MBA programs, which are geared to the needs of busy corporate executives and managers, often with ten years of work experience or more, in about two years, while students continue in their current positions. Many of these programs are arranged around weekend and one- to two-week sessions which are very intensive. They then complete work using the internet, other media delivery of content, and interactions with instructors and other students between their formal sessions.

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