Community Opportunities

Earning a higher education boost the chances of participating in volunteer activities, according to Education Guides. Some employers even provide access to community involvement activities on the clock.

For example, a small company might encourage employees to get involved in the community by allowing employees to volunteer in the community up to eight hours a quarter. Companies that have these programs typically pay employees during volunteer time. A large corporation might gather groups of employees to volunteer at the food bank once a month or participate in other community events.

Participating in the community doesn’t just look good for your employer. Studies have found these activities are linked to higher levels of self-fulfillment.

Depending on your career path, earning higher wages might not be your main motivator. And, that’s alright. Considering the social benefits of pursuing more education might give you that extra push to complete a college degree. No matter what your goals, is here to help. We can help you research a program that fits your needs and lifestyle.

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